Federal Drug Conspiracy

Federal Drug Conspiracy Cases in Jefferson County

Federal conspiracy is defined as the agreement between two or more individuals to engage in the commission of a crime that violates federal laws. Individuals who face conspiracy charges involving drug crimes often face particularly adverse consequences including a significant amount of time in prison, substantial fines, and stigmatizing social effects. As a result of the severity of federal drug conspiracy charges, individuals faced with these types of charges frequently decide to employ the experience of highly seasoned criminal defense lawyers. There are also some important facts that individuals must understand concerning federal drug conspiracy charges in Jefferson county and throughout the state of Alabama.

Federal Drug Crimes That Involve Conspiracy In Jefferson County

Federal drug laws cover a variety of drug offenses, which include manufacturing illegal substances, possessing illegal substances with the intent to distribute the drugs.

How Conspiracy Laws Affect Drug Crimes In Jefferson County

Federal conspiracy laws are designed to prevent the involvement of two or more individuals in many crimes including drug related offenses.

Many drug conspiracy crimes involve individuals who might not even be aware of the other's existence. If at least one individual was aware of the conspiracy, however, conspiracy charges may be filed.  

It takes a particularly small amount of activity for a federal drug conspiracy crime to be made against an individual. In order to satisfy the requirements for a federal drug conspiracy conviction, federal law enforcement must demonstrate that:

  • An Agreement. There must have been an agreement to violate federal drug law.
  • Knowledge. Each of the alleged conspirators must have known about the agreement and specifically intended to join the conspiracy.
  • One Act Of Furtherance. There must have been at least one act to carry out the drug conspiracy.

Punishment of Federal Drug Conspiracy Charges in Jefferson County

Often times, the resulting punishment for federal drug conspiracy is particularly strict. Individuals who are punished for conspiracy charges by the federal government faces prison sentences of not more than five years and/or a substantial fine.  

The amount of drugs involved in a charge greatly influence the resulting punishment. Individuals who are convicted of five hundred or more grams of cocaine, greater than one hundred grams of heroin, greater than one hundred kilograms of marijuana, and five or greater grams of methamphetamine often result of prison sentence between five and forty years. Drug convictions involving five or more kilograms of cocaine, one kilogram or more of heroin, one thousand or more kilograms of marijuana, or greater than fifty grams of methamphetamine most often result in sentences of ten years to life. These potential penalties are increased for individuals with prior felony drug convictions.

Sometimes, individuals who face drug conspiracy crimes are able to receive less severe penalties by working against other individuals who were involved in the conspiracy.

How An Experienced Jefferson County Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help

Drug charges including federal conspiracy charges are taken very seriously in Jefferson County and throughout the rest of Alabama. If you are an individual facing these types of charges, realize that obtaining the services of a skilled criminal defense attorney can help craft a strong legal defense in response to these charges and work towards the most favorable potential outcome. Contact Eversole Law Offices for skilled legal representation today.

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