Drug Diversion Programs in Birmingham

The government reports that in Alabama, seven percent of the state's residents used illicit drugs within the past month. Certain individuals in Alabama who facing drug related offenses are able to complete a drug diversion program, which attempt to rehabilitate individuals rather than simply punish them for drug related offenses. These programs also reduce the burden placed on jails and prisons in the state of Alabama. Drug diversion offers individuals the opportunity to avoid criminal records for these offenses. It is helpful for individuals who are faced with drug charges to understand some basic information about these programs to prepare for responding to a potential drug charge.

Qualifying For A Drug Diversion Program

Individuals must remember that not all individuals will be eligible to participate in one of these programs. In order to qualify for a drug diversion program, individuals often need to meet criteria including being between the ages of seventeen and twenty five, be charged with a first offense for a nonviolent crime, acknowledge wrongdoing, and show a willingness to fully participate and successfully complete the program. Drug diversion programs are designed to be most effective for individuals who face simple drug possession charges and who are not involved in any additional criminal activity. Individuals who meet criteria to qualify for the program must be approved by the District Attorney's office. After being approved, a letter is sent to the individual to conduct an interview concerning the program. The final decision regarding an individual's eligibility for the program is made by a counselor.

The Contents Of The Program in Birmingham

Individuals must fully abide with probation terms in order to successfully complete the program. The program requires the individual to meet with a counselor for individual meetings, while some individuals might also be required to attend group meetings. Some individuals might also be asked to attend a certain number of hours of community service to satisfy the program's requirements.  Based upon the seriousness of the charges that an individual faces, an individual can face anywhere between six months to two years in the program. Before an individual is allowed to exist the program, the individual must either be employed or enrolled in school.

The Consequences Of Not Completing The Program

When an individual successfully completes the diversion program, the pending charges are “Dead Filed”, which means that no further actions are taken on the matter. Individuals will not have a conviction placed on their criminal record, although some government employees might be able to still view information about an individual's involvement in the program. Failing to complete a drug diversion program, however, can result in several significant penalties. Often individuals must face a trial that can result in a criminal record. Having a criminal record for a drug charge can have a substantial impact on one's educational and occupational future.

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