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Located along I-65 about 50 miles north of Birmingham, Cullman, Alabama is a city of 15,000 located in Cullman County. With a history rich in German heritage, Cullman's economy is largely based on agriculture and hard work. The area has the highest agricultural production in the state and is among the sixty highest producing counties in the United States.

Criminal Charges in Cullman

Cullman County Sheriff (Cullman Police)

Homicide: 3
Rape: 14 (3)
Robbery: 6 (3)
Assault: 72 (17)
Burglary: 350 (78)
Theft: 824 (571)
Car Theft: 42 (26)

Source: Alabama Criminal Justice information center, 2010 report.

Cullman Criminal Defense Attorney Steve Eversole goes the extra mile for his clients. Dedicated to criminal defense throughout the greater Birmingham area, Eversole has built a reputation for hard work and tenacity in the courtroom.

Drug charges in Cullman must always be aggressively defended. Frequently, first-time offenders may be successful in seeking a reduction or dismissal of the charges. In other cases, alternative sentencing or treatment may be available. Those facing a return trip to the courtroom are often not afforded the same treatment, which makes keeping the first conviction off your criminal record even more important.

Domestic violence and assault charges are commonly mishandled by law enforcement. Assault charges (or more serious felony charges that allege serious injury or the use of a weapon), can be filed when someone is acting in self defense. Or a defendant can be overcharged. Domestic violence charges can be particularly disruptive – protection orders may even prevent you from returning home or seeing your family. Such charges are frequently filed amid a contentious breakup, custody battle or divorce, and can negatively impact the outcome of such cases. A conviction may even prevent a defendant from owning a gun, being hired for certain jobs or obtaining certain occupational licenses. Hiring an experienced domestic violence defense attorney in Cullman is a critical first step in fighting to keep these charges off your record or from impacting your life and your relationship with your children and other family members.

As an experienced juvenile defense lawyer in Cullman, Steven Eversole takes special care in fighting for the rights of our young people. Too often, the states pushes serious criminal charges on teenagers who have simply made a mistake. Failure to take such charges seriously can result in a criminal conviction that can impact a teenager's life for years to come. Difficulty in finishing school and problems getting into college or joining the military are two common complications. In some cases, prosecutors may even seek to charge a juvenile as an adult. Either conviction can expose teens to hardened criminals at a young age and make it more difficult for them to mature properly and reach productive early adulthood.

At Everesole Law LLC, we have the knowledge and experience to represent clients facing a wide range of criminal charges, from murder and manslaughter, to burglary, robbery, theft and shoplifting, to rape, sexual assault, prostitution and charges involving child pornography. Each member of our team believes defendants deserve immediate access to experienced legal representation. If you are dealing with misdemeanor or felony charges in Cullum, call today for a confidential consultation to discuss your rights.

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