Update: University of Alabama Crimson Tide Defense Tackle Jonathan Taylor Charged with Domestic Violence

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According to a recent news article from USA Today, University of Alabama Crimson Tide defensive tackle has been arrested and charged with domestic violence III, according to Tuscaloosa police officials.

Police say they responded to an assist request from University of Alabama police in connection with an alleged victim who reported her boyfriend had assaulted her earlier that evening. Her boyfriend was Jonathan Taylor. After hearing about the alleged altercations between Taylor and his girlfriend, police determined they had probable cause to arrest him for third degree assault as well as domestic violence third degree criminal mischief.

As our Birmingham domestic violence attorneys can explain, prosecutors routinely charge defendants with multiple separate criminal counts stemming from a single act of alleged criminal conduct. This does not mean all charges would actually hold up during a jury trial. Some charges are even considered mutually exclusive through the doctrine of merger. Merger operates to keep a defendant from being twice convicted for the same conduct through an operation of the prohibition against double jeopardy in the Eighth Amendment of the United States Constitution.

Following his arrest, Taylor was taken to Tuscaloosa County Jail where he was being held on a $1,000 cash bond. There was a also a state-mandated 12-hour detention period used to hold him in jail, even if he was able to post bond.

Police say the 24-year-old alleged victim suffered minor injuries resulting from the altercation. Police also noted on their report that the bedroom door in which the alleged altercation occurred show evidence someone had punched a hole in the wall.

According to reports, this was not the first time Taylor has had issues with domestic violence. He was previously enrolled at University of Georgia until being terminated this past July, after he was arrested on charges of assault and family violence. A police report in that case accused Taylor of choking and hitting his girlfriend.

Prior to his arrest in connection with the family assault charges in Georgia, local prosecutors had charged him, along with three other university football players, for alleged participation in a theft by deception scheme whereby the four double-cashed meal reimbursement checks. He was offered pretrial diversion in connection with those charges, and the case against him was dismissed. The university allowed him to remain there and on the team because of the dismissal of his case and pending he did not commit any other infractions. The school said, after giving him this second chance, he violated the terms of his agreement during his second arrest.

This was not a good week for the Crimson Tide, as one of their defensive backs was arrested on charges of drunk driving. It is important to note Taylor has not been convicted of any crime in connection with the alleged assault of his girlfriend and is innocent unless and until he is proven guilty in a court of law.

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