Two Arrested in Calera for Allegedly Robbing Waffle House in Atlanta

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Two young adults were arrested recently in Calera, south of Birmingham, after they were allegedly involved in a string of Waffle House robberies in the Atlanta area, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

Charges of robbery in Birmingham are among the most serious felonies on the books in Alabama because they are defined as taking property from a person, as opposed to burglary, which is taking property when a person isn’t around. Either way, these are charges that require the experience of a Birmingham Criminal Defense Attorney who can defend the case aggressively.

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The suspects, who are 19 and 21, are from Ellenwood, Georgia, but they were arrested in Calera by local police recently, the article states. According to police, 18 Waffle Houses have reportedly been robbed in six Atlanta metro counties, Auburn, Alabama and La Grange, Georgia. Police are considering whether the two suspects may have been involved in the other holdups.

Recently, a man with a shirt tied around his face approached an employee and allegedly cocked a gun and told the man to run away at a Waffle House in Gwinnett County, Georgia. Video surveillance reportedly shows two men walking into the restaurant and unsuccessfully trying to open the register before stealing a laptop. No one was injured.

A day earlier, a Waffle House in Marietta was robbed after a man ate his meal and paid. He allegedly pointed a gun at employees and demanded cash. Police say the Waffle House robberies appear similar in that the suspects would place an order at the counter in the early morning hours and wait for the food to be prepared before trying to rob the employees.

The article doesn’t make clear how police tracked the suspects to Calera, which is about a good three-hour drive from the Atlanta area. The article provides no details about how the suspects were connected to the robberies.

It’s important to note that theft crimes in Birmingham are treated seriously by Alabama law. There are different tiers of robbery in Alabama, but all are felonies punishable by years in prison, if convicted.

Third-degree robbery means stealing by force. Second-degree robbery is defined by committing a third-degree felony with the help of another person, while first-degree robbery means committing the crime while using a weapon or injuring someone. The penalties in Alabama range from up to 10 years in prison to life in prison.

As you can see, they are very serious, so the charges must be defended properly. That means debating the strength of the evidence, including the video surveillance, how well the suspects may be matched to those on tape, whether there’s any DNA or fingerprint evidence, if witness descriptions match the defendants and other details of the case.

In high-profile cases, especially when big corporations are involved, police officials tend to get antsy and want their detectives to quickly solve a case. They want to solve all cases, but they do prioritize. And in cases that are getting media attention, the pressure is even higher. That can sometimes lead to detectives making a stretch when they arrest someone, which is why they must be held accountable for their actions. That means hiring an experienced Birmingham Defense Attorney to stand by the defendant’s side.

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