Seven Arrested in Mobile Meth Lab Raid

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Drug raids and arrest often involve multiple defendants, potential conspiracy charges and charges ranging from possession to trafficking.

In a recent case, the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office arrested seven people after raiding a methamphetamine lab. The raid resulted in the arrest of five defendants who were on the premises as well as two other alleged buyers, who the officers located by using a cell phone on the property.

Meth crimes, including manufacture, sale and possession, can carry serious penalties.

In this case, the five defendants arrested in the lab will be charged with first-degree manufacturing, possession of narcotic paraphernalia, use of drug paraphernalia and trafficking methamphetamine. Our Birminghamcriminal defense attorneys are experienced in defending clients against serious drug charges. In these cases, we will review the facts of the arrest and protect the rights of any defendant from interrogation through criminal trial.

According to authorities, the officers arrived at a defendant’s address to execute an arrest warrant for the possession of drug paraphernalia. When the officer’s arrived at the door, they reportedly smelled meth. Inside the home, officers claim to have uncovered an active meth lab. The five suspects found in the meth lab were arrested on the scene. Two other defendants were arrested after deputies arranged a meeting using a cell phone belonging to one of the alleged traffickers. Undoubtedly, prosecutors will attempt to use evidence of this buy not only in the case against the buyers, but also against the owner of the phone.

These accused buyers were charged with attempting to commit a controlled substances crime. One of them had five outstanding arrest warrants for crimes that included trafficking methamphetamine and possession of narcotic paraphernalia.

Any arrest involving a prior history or aggravated offenses can compound the charges and penalties. In this case, one defendant is facing additional charges for carrying a pistol without a permit. All seven arrestees were booked at the Mobile County Metro Jail. Only one of the defendants was released on bond.

Search and seizure laws limit and circumscribe the legal procedures for officers to conduct a search of a person, vehicle, home, office or other property. In most cases, officers are required to have a search warrant in hand. Even then, authorities must be specific about how the search is conducted and the target of the search.

In the event of an arrest, defendants should consult with an experienced advocate who can analyze police records and reports. Any illegally-performed search and seizure of property can result in the suppression of evidence. If the drug and paraphernalia evidence is suppressed, many times the prosecution cannot sustain a case.

Meth crimes are fast becoming some of the most heavily-investigated and prosecuted in the United States. Individuals who are arrested and charged with meth possession, sales, manufacture or trafficking will likely face severe charges and penalties. Our legal team is experienced in the investigation of meth lab manufacturing busts and raids, as well as the defense against sales and possession crimes. From investigating the search and seizure operation through interrogation and trial, our priority is to make sure that the defendant’s rights are protected in the criminal process.

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