Prescription Drug Users Targeted in Restricting Meth Production

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Meth production has been gaining popularity in Alabama and nationwide. Not surprisingly, law enforcement agencies and legislators have responded accordingly, making aggressive attempts to arrest and charge meth producers. In addition, new laws will make buying meth ingredients more difficult. Recent reports indicate that despite reducing sales of meth in Alabama, authorities have been seizing large quantities of meth being imported from Mexico.

All drug crimes, including possession, distribution and trafficking can carry huge penalties in Alabama. In addition to fines and a lasting criminal record, non-violent offenders convicted of drug crimes can be forced to serve extended, even lifetime prison sentences. Our criminal defense attorneysare experienced in the investigation of drug busts and arrests. We are dedicated to protecting the rights of citizens to reduce charges and penalties in drug crimes cases.

According to an Associated Press report, drug agencies are aggressively seeking to stop domestic production of meth by limiting access to necessary ingredients. Despite their ability to curb the sales of meth ingredients, authorities are seeing a rise in foreign imports of meth from Mexico. Law enforcement agencies see the relationship between the reduction in meth production in Alabama and the increase in meth importation. There is likely a link between the recent restrictions of access to ephedrine and pseudoephedrine, two ingredients necessary in meth production.

Law enforcement officials have seen an increase in purity and potency in foreign-imported meth and also a reduction in street price, indicating that there is a large supply being imported from Mexico. There are more than 1,300 U.S. agencies that have been contributing to a DEA report which has aimed to track the illegal trafficking of drugs in the U.S. Alabama has been a target for reduction in meth production as well as meth importation.

Alabama legislators have made an effort to curb the production and distribution of meth by restricting access to key ingredients. The law only allows pharmacies to sell medications with meth ingredients. Consumers are also required to show ID, which has prevented sales of more than 7.5 grams over the course of 30 days. The targeting of prescription drug users raises questions about surveillance, search and seizure, and the reality that the consumers are legally buying drugs. The new law may unfairly target legal prescription users.

State and federal officials are cracking down on meth production, distribution and trafficking and are aggressively charging and penalizing offenders. Officials are using the “National Precursor Log Exchange” to track who is buying prescription drugs and to indicate to pharmacies whether individuals have reached a limit. Consumers should be aware that they may be targeted in a drug crime investigation and even potentially charged for prescription drug use.

Remember that drug crimes in Alabama carry serious penalties. Individuals who are under investigation or charged with a drug crime should consult with an experienced advocate. Remember, if you feel your 4th Amendment search and seizure rights were violated, you can prevent illegally obtained evidence from being used against you in court.

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