New Year’s Partiers Can Avoid DUIs

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In Birmingham, Alabama, nationwide, and throughout the world, drinkers and partiers will be ringing in the New Year with celebrations. For many folks, this means champagne, wine, and a host of other alcoholic beverages. While you may be looking forward to letting loose, remember to be wary of DUI checkpoints and other operations to catch drunk drivers this New Year’s eve and into the morning of January 1st.

Holiday drinking

When making plans for New Year’s, consider ways to avoid drunk driving charges and always remember that you do have rights in the event of an arrest. Our Birmingham drunk driving attorneys are experienced with protecting the rights of citizens who have been accused or arrested for drunk driving. We are committed to raising awareness about drunk driving law, deterring drunk driving during the holiday season and protecting the rights of individuals who have been charged.

We wish you a Happy New Year. Here are some tips to help you and your loved ones avoid drunk driving and charges this holiday season:

Know how you and your loved ones will be getting home. Planning ahead can help you avoid last minute confusion and prevent someone who has too much to drink from getting behind the wheel. Depending on how far you will be traveling for your New Year’s party, you should consider a designated driver, calling a cab, or staying overnight. The costs of a hotel or cab far outweigh the long-term consequences of a DUI.

Make sure your party gets enough to eat. Whether you are a host, a guest, or hitting the town, remember that eating food is critical if you will be celebrating with alcohol. Food will reduce your blood alcohol content and ensure that you stay at a safe level. Without proper meals throughout the day, evening and early morning hours, you could have a higher blood alcohol level that you think.

Drink water and non-alcoholic beverages. If you will be having a long night of partying, remember to drink plenty of water and alternate beverages with soda or other non-alcoholic drinks. This will ensure that you stay hydrated and also prevent you from going over the limit. If you are the designated driver, you should stop drinking alcohol at least one hour before getting behind the wheel.

Be wary of early-morning DUIs. Many drunk drivers will plan ahead, stay overnight, or even rent a hotel. When heavy drinking is involved, many drivers do not realize the danger of “morning after” alcohol effects. Without knowing it, you could still have alcohol in your bloodstream and blow over the legal limit. Take time after you wake up to drink water, have coffee, and eat a meal before getting behind the wheel.

Take care of your party. If you suspect that someone in your party is too drunk to drive, discourage them from getting behind the wheel. Remember that stopping a drunk driver could prevent serious criminal penalties, or worse, a deadly accident. If you or someone you love is arrested and charged, you should consult with an experienced advocate who can protect your rights.


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