Montgomery Officer Arrested, Resigns After DUI

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A drunk driving arrest and conviction can be damaging personally and professionally. This is especially true for individuals employed by law enforcement agencies. In a recent case, a Montgomery police officer resigned after getting pulled over and arrested for DUI. The 28-year-old officer was arrested in late October after he was involved in a two-vehicle collision on a Montgomery highway. According to police reports, the officer struck another vehicle that was stopped at an intersection.

When a drunk driving offense involves a car accident, penalties are likely to be even more severe. In the event a drunk driving arrest is related to an accident and property damage or personal injuries, defendant could face additional charges and penalties. In this case, there were no injuries reported following the collision. The off-duty officer was arrested after he failed a field sobriety test and was taken to the Montgomery City Jail where he was charged with driving under the influence.

Any individual who has been arrested for suspected drunk driving or charged with DUI in the state of Alabama should consult with an experienced attorney as soon as possible. Our Birmingham DUI defense attorneys will take a comprehensive and strategic approach to protect your rights and challenge the criminal charges against you. In any DUI case, it is critical to review the circumstances of any arrest, scrutinize any police action, including search of a person or vehicle and preserve all relevant evidence, including video surveillance and witness statements. Remember, an experienced advocate is necessary to ensure you are not over-charged or over-penalized for any offense.

In this case, the officer will face the additional penalties associated with professional misconduct. According to a statement made by the acting police chief, the officer’s actions were “intolerable and inconsistent” with the standards of the Montgomery Police Department.

The resignation of the officer was effective immediately and will likely have long-term consequences for his career, whether in law enforcement or in another field. Challenging accusations can help you to protect your personal and professional identity, while minimizing the consequences of a drunk driving arrest or criminal charge. According to reports, the officer had only been a member of the Montgomery Police Department for less than a year.

Getting pulled over for suspicion of drunk driving can happen to anyone. Whether your blood-alcohol was over the limit or if you are involved in an accident or facing second or third-time DUI charges, an experienced advocate can help you protect your rights and reputation. If you suffer from alcoholism or addiction, an attorney can help you seek necessary resources while fighting criminal charges in your case. Depending on the facts of your case, you could face loss of license, jail time, and a lasting criminal record. A DUI could prevent you from future employment. Whether you have previously been charged or you are facing your first offense, it is important to have a clear understanding of your rights and the risks associated with a conviction.

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