Montgomery Cocaine Dealer Convicted in Federal Court

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Drug crimes in Alabama are prosecuted aggressively and penalties handed down harshly. Whether being charged in state or federal court, individuals facing drug-related criminal charges need experienced and aggressive defense. In a recent case, a leading Montgomery cocaine dealer was convicted in federal court. According to reports, the alleged drug dealer was one of Montgomery’s largest cocaine dealers. He was convicted on nearly two dozen drug related counts in federal court. Law enforcement and prosecutors alleged that the defendant was managing a mass supply of cocaine in the area and was supplied by a major trafficking organization based out of California. Trafficking also occurred out of Atlanta.

In any drug case, defendants must consult with advocates who can help them navigate the criminal justice system. This means helping with major decisions, including whether to plead guilty or not guilty, whether to accept a plea bargain and representation during police interrogations, as well as advocacy throughout the criminal trial process. This defendant was the only target who didn’t plead guilty before trial. All other defendants cut a deal with the prosecution. Reports indicated that the defendant elected to go to trial despite a significant body of evidence against him, including a palm print on a bag of cocaine.

Drug cases can be challenged on a number of grounds. From illegal search and seizure to challenging involvement, the transaction, and whether the substance was actually illegal, it is important that an experienced attorney review every possible defense. Our Birmingham defense attorneys are dedicated to protecting the rights of our clients. We will take a comprehensive approach to identify every weakness in the prosecution’s case, clarify a defense strategy, and work aggressively to defeat charges or reduce penalties.

According to reports, the jury deliberated for three hours before returning a guilty verdict on over 20 criminal charges. The deck was stacked against the defendant, as authorities had seized nearly 12 kilos of cocaine and $17,000 in cash from false compartments in his truck. There was also a significant amount of crack cocaine seized from the truck. According to authorities, the street value of the drugs seized in the raid was over $1 million. After a search of the defendant’s home, officers also recovered $10,000 cash. In any drug case, the methods and search and seizure process should be reviewed. Any cash or drugs that were illegally obtained, without consent or a search warrant, can be suppressed from evidence. In some cases, getting evidence thrown out can result in the complete dismissal of a case.

The defendant was charged by the U.S. Department of Justice. Federal investigators were interested in the interstate case as the defendants were allegedly trafficking significant shipments. An Assistant U.S. Attorney reported that official sentencing recommendations have not yet been made to the court. The amount of cocaine involved in this case is likely to increase the sentence which will be handed down in December. Two of the other defendants in this case have already been sentenced.

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