Human Trafficking, Child Sex Abuse Alleged in Alabama

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Two suspects are facing charges of sexual abuse in Homewood involving a child under the age of 12, The Birmingham News reported.

Birmingham child abuse defense lawyer understands the challenges inherent in such cases. Public sentiment may be against a client before any evidence is presented. Parents must often defend themselves in the court of public opinion, in a court of law, and with child welfare advocates. And, even in cases where a defendant successfully defends against the charge, the consequences of having child welfare agencies involved can last for years. In many cases, protecting yourself against the overreaching and overzealous arm of the state bureaucracy proves to be the bigger challenge.

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In this case, the women, ages 51 and 30, are said to have a history of prostitution in Texas and are known to stay in hotels throughout the Birmingham area. Both defendants reportedly have a history of small charges, but it is allegations made by the Alabama Department of Human Resources that has them in the most trouble. State welfare officials allege a child in custody has made allegations against the female defendants.

The department says it cannot reveal more information about the case — apparently just enough to darken the defendant’s reputations without proof. Meanwhile, state officials say they will soon obtain warrants for the more serious charges.

Meanwhile, three other suspects have been charged with sexual abuse of a child under 12 as part of an investigation into human trafficking in Homewood. Those charges also include sodomy, human trafficking, promoting prostitution and facilitating travel of a child for an unlawful sex act, according to Fox6 News.

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