High School Soccer Coach Charged With Sexual Abuse

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Student-teacher, coach-player, and other adult-child relationships are often the target of sexual misconduct investigations. Though many of these allegations are legitimate, it is also not uncommon for teachers to face damaging false accusations that can result in criminal penalties, a sabotaged reputation, and the end of a teaching career. In a recent case, a Guntersville volunteer soccer coach has been arrested upon allegations of sexual abuse and charged with three counts of first-degree sexual abuse, as well as first-degree human trafficking. He is currently being held without bond in Madison County Jail.

Any case involving alleged sexual abuse or misconduct will likely have a complex set of facts and competing versions of the story. Individuals who are arrested and charged with sex crimes need strategic and experienced defense. A conviction in a sexual criminal case can result in serious penalties, including lifetime registry on the national sex offender list. Our Birmingham sexual crimes defense attorneys are experienced in providing strategic and informed counsel to protect the rights of sex crimes defendants. We understand the sensitive nature of these cases and will handle your case respectfully and discreetly. Our priority is to minimize charges and penalties and to achieve an optimal outcome in your case.

According to reports, the 57-year-old volunteer coach was arrested and charged along with a 28-year-old defendant who was charged with conspiracy to commit sexual abuse of a child under the age of 12. The coach was arrested as he was boarding the bus after the state soccer semifinals. Members of the community were also shocked by the allegations as the coach never had any prior offenses. The school superintendent was “saddened” by the allegations and charges, but admitted that the school had no prior issues with the coach. The allegations in this case were not revealed in the press conference and the case is still under investigation by local authorities.

The arrest and charges were in response to allegations made by two 10-year-olds who were not on the team. According to police statements, the charges were unrelated to the coach’s position. The trafficking charges were filed because the coach allegedly “lured a minor” in exchange for something of value. The investigation in this case and prosecutors are collecting additional evidence against the defendant. Reports indicate that more charges are possible, though very few details about the allegations and arrest were provided at the press conference.

Any sexual criminal allegation is troubling for alleged victims as well as defendants. Unfortunately, false accusations are always a threat to individuals in authoritative positions working with children, including teachers and coaches. In the event of a false accusation, defendants are forced to defend their reputation in addition to preventing criminal charges. In Alabama and nationwide, the penalties for a sex crime charge can be even more severe than violent crimes offenses. Defendants who are convicted will face jail time, forced sex offender registry, and a damaging criminal record. Our Birmingham legal team is experienced with complex sex crimes allegations and will pursue an independent investigation on behalf of any defendant.

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