Group of Teens Facing Robbery and Burglary Charges in Alabama

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Earlier this month, two young teenage boys were taken into custody for allegedly committing three separate robberies, according to CBS42.  The first incident occurred after a citizen reported being robbed.  The two suspects are accused of taking the victim’s car at gunpoint.  The next day, the second incident was reported by another victim who claimed to be robbed on the very same street.  He, too, was also reportedly stripped of his vehicle at gunpoint.  A third victim claimed to had been carjacked by the same two on a different street.

Authorities initiated a traffic stop and took the two suspects into custody without incident. They are being charged with three robberies, according to the Birmingham Police Department.  All three vehicles have been recovered.

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Our juvenile defense lawyers in Birmingham understand that property crimes are among the most frequently reported crimes in Alabama. However, there is a big difference in degrees of theft crimes — shoplifting and robbery, for example. Or auto theft and carjacking. In general, a weapon or the use or threat of force can result in much more serious charges being filed.

A second group of young accused burglars were taken into custody earlier this month, too.  These four teens are accused of breaking into a home and stealing roughly $200 worth of items, as well as beating up the homeowner, according to The Anniston Star.

The fourth suspect was finally apprehended after a tip led officials to the three boys.  The two older suspects sit in the Anniston City Jail.  The two 16-year-old boys will be charged as adults because the home invasion and alleged beating of the homeowner qualifies it as a first-degree burglary, according to Sgt. Fred Forsythe.  The two younger boys, one 15 and one 14-years-old remain in custody at the Coosa Valley Youth Services and are being charged as juveniles.

Theft Crimes in Alabama may include:

-Armed burglary


Armed robbery (with a weapon)

-Armed robbery (with a deadly weapon)

-Burglary of a house or dwelling

Burglary can be defined as the act of unlawfully entering or breaking into a building with the intent to commit a crime.  Because of this loopy definition, a burglary does not have to involve a theft crime.

Robbery is most commonly defined as the act of stealing property directly from another person. A theft crime therefore becomes as a robbery when there is violence or the threat of violence. Robbery can occur in homes, stores and to individuals.

The punishment of each of these charges can vary dramatically as well.  Sentences be as severe as life in prison.  An experienced attorney can help to defend your case aggressively with the intent of having your charges decreased or dismissed altogether.

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