Felony Charges Filed After Hit-and-Run and Interstate Manhunt

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Any accident involving personal injury or reckless driving, especially a hit-and-run, can result in serious criminal charges and penalties. In addition to the underlying charges related to the accident, defendants are likely to face additional charges penalties for fleeing the scene of an accident. After a multi-state investigation and ongoing manhunt, an Alabama man is facing felony charges for hitting a Mississippi Highway Patrolman’s vehicle and then fleeing the scene. The defendant was apprehended and is now facing criminal charges in Mississippi and Tennessee.

The 26-year-old resident of Gadsden was taken into custody on Highway 72 West. Officers received reports of a stolen vehicle and spent hours searching for the suspect with vehicles and a K9 unit. The defendant will be charged with Aggravated Assault on an Officer with a Deadly Weapon, Felony Fleeing, as well as misdemeanor traffic violations and misdemeanor drug possession. Officers reported that the defendant surrendered when he was approached. He was charged and booked in the Colbert County Jail, facing charges in Tennessee, Mississippi, and Alabama. Officers reported that the offenses commenced in Tennessee when he crashed into another vehicle and sped away. Police chased him from Tennessee into Mississippi when he smashed into the Mississippi Highway patrolman’s vehicle several times. The defendant continued on into Alabama on Highway 72 before he turned off on a county road and abandoned his vehicle. He was eventually caught on foot.

Leaving the scene of an accident will mean more severe criminal charges and penalties in the event you are caught. Whether the accident was your fault or not, it is illegal to leave the scene of an accident. Those who are caught can lose their license, face significant fines and go to jail. If you have fled the scene of an accident, or you were accused of leaving the scene of an accident, it is important to consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney. Our Birmingham criminal defense lawyers are experienced in providing sound counsel and strategic advocacy in hit and run cases. We understand that the criminal process can be overwhelming and will help you in navigating the criminal justice system.

Under the Alabama Code Title 32, Chapter 10, individuals who are involved in a motor vehicle accident have a duty to remain on the scene. When involved in an accident, you must provide your name, address, insurance, contact information, and driver’s license to the other driver or to a law enforcement officer. In the event of an injury, you also have a duty to provide assistance, call 911, or make arrangements to get the other person to the hospital. Any accident resulting in an injury must be reported to police. In this case, the defendant allegedly fled the scene without reporting any injuries or property damage.

The defendant in this case is facing severe felony charges for fleeing the scene of an accident and assaulting an officer with a deadly weapon. Both of these charges could result in significant time behind bars. If convicted, he could face 10 years in prison, significant fines, and loss of license, as well as court costs, restitution payments and other penalties.

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