DUIs and Traffic: Alabama Ranks in “Top 5 Worst Drivers”

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Higher instances of DUI maybe correlated to more drinking and driving incidences as well as more aggressive targeting of suspect drunk drivers by law enforcement officers. National organizations are often trying to pinpoint which state has the most drunk drivers based on a number of different factors. Other analyses will rank worst drivers by a range of factors, including DUI. In the most recent attempt to name the state with the worst drivers CarInsuranceComparison.com, has come up with a list of worst drunk drivers by state—and Alabama is top ranking.


Drunk drivers can threaten themselves, their passengers, and other motorists on the road; however, drunk driving law can be complicated and many drivers could be the subject of an illegal stop and search, unlawful arrest, or wrongful conviction. Any driver who is suspected of DUI and charged will face serious and lasting penalties, including fines, jail time, suspended or revoked license, and a damaging criminal record. Our Birmingham drunk driving attorneys are experienced with the investigation of DUI allegations and will aggressively defend the rights of our clients. Our priority is to minimize charges and penalties in cases involving DUI. We are also abreast of state and national statistics and surveys which can impact Alabama motorists.

The recent survey seeking to rank states by “Worst Drunk Drivers” takes into consideration a number of different factors including the number of DUI infractions and fatalities per miles traveled. The “worst driver” statistics also weigh in which drivers have the most traffic and seat belt law infractions as well as tickets for speeding and reckless driving. Data is compiled from the National Motorists Association, MADD and the National Traffic Safety Administration.

The state that had the “worst drivers” based on these statistics was Louisiana. According to research, the state was in the top 5 for failure to obey, speeding tickets, as well as reckless driving. Researchers leading the study and analyzing the data say that the rankings can stir debates and conversation. In some states, people may agree that they have terrible drivers. For motorists in Louisiana, the data will back this up.

One of the reasons that insurance companies have an interest in driving records and DUI is that they can increase premiums in the event of an accident, traffic citation or DUI. If you have recently been arrested for DUI, remember to consult with an advocate about your rights to minimize penalties in your case. If you can stop a conviction, you can possibly prevent a spike in insurance premiums after an arrest.

The state of Alabama ranked 5th overall and performed worst in the areas of traffic tickets. According to researchers, a change in the category of reckless driving caused the state to rank worse overall. Their drunk driving rates were better than other states, but overall the categories remained the same since the previous years. While some claim that the results are not totally scientific, they do raise eyebrows, especially for those who may have been thinking “our state has the worst drivers.”
Remember that DUI convictions may not have to do with the number of drunk drivers, but also the number of law enforcement officials targeting suspected drunk drivers on the road. This holiday season, Alabama officers will continue to set up roadside check points to target and arrest alleged drunk drivers.


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