DUI and the Alabama Driver Point System

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Every state has a point system to assess a license holder’s legal right to be on the road. In some states drivers will lose points for certain traffic infractions. In other states, drivers will gain points for these offenses. Depending on the system, points can be added or subtracted and eventually, a once legal driver could be suspended or lose their license completely. When a driver commits a major offense, such as DUI or causes bodily injury with a vehicle, he or she may lose or gain enough points to result in the automatic suspension or revocation of a license.

In the state of Alabama, drivers will gain points for certain traffic offenses. Once a driver meets a maximum level of point, he or she will lose the license to drive. Our Birmingham drunk driving defense attorneys understand that losing a license can be a serious impediment to residents of Alabama. Even in urban areas, most people need a car to get to work, go grocery shopping, and take care of their families. When you are charged with DUI, remember that you need to take immediate action to protect your license. We represent clients at every stage, from administrative proceedings through DUI hearings and trials, and at sentencing.

Points will be applied after any driving offense and will usually be removed after a few years of good driving behavior and if certain conditions are met. In some cases, a driver could lose their license permanently or indefinitely. According torecent reports, Alabama drivers rank among the worst in the nation. New results, published by CarInsuranceComparison.com, compares data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Commission, National Motorists Association and MADD. Alabama was ranked as one of the top 10 states for traffic offenses, including speeding and other moving violations. An accumulation of such traffic offenses could result in the suspension of licenses based on the Alabama point system.

In Alabama drivers will receive 2 points for going 1 to 25mph over the speed limit and all other moving violations. Three points will be lost for following too closely or disregarding traffic signs. A driver can get 4-6 points for driving recklessly, failing to yield, passing a school bus, or driving on the wrong side of the road. If you are caught drinking alcohol, but you are not impaired, you will only get 2 points; however, any conviction resulting from drinking and driving that did not result in a mandatory suspension will get you 6 points.

If you get 12-14 points in 2 years, your license will be suspended for 60 days and the penalties will escalate from there. The accumulation of points can result in a 90-day suspension, 120-day suspension, 180-day suspension, and a 365-day suspension. Once traffic convictions are two years old, you lose the point count for those offenses; however they will remain on your driving record. If you have been arrested and charged with DUI, an experienced advocate can help you secure your driving privileges, defeat underlying charges and handle administrative matters related to your drivers’ license.

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