Domestic Violence Charges Common During Thanksgiving

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The holidays are an emotional time and can involve financial stress and challenges in family and personal relationships. During Thanksgiving and throughout the holiday season, law enforcement officials expect domestic violence rates to rise as evidenced by previous years’ statistics. This season, be wary of the potential for a domestic violence arrest and protect yourself in the event of allegations or false accusations of domestic abuse.

Any domestic abuse case will involve complicated fact scenarios and competing versions of a story. When you are an alleged abuser, you face immediate and long-term consequences that can affect your rights, your family, and your reputation. Our Birmingham domestic violence defense lawyeris experienced in investigating domestic violence allegations and protecting the rights of the accused. We are committed to uncovering the facts, advocating for the best interests of our clients and using strategy and our experience to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients.

For many couples, the stress of the season combined with alcohol and heightened emotions can culminate in domestic disputes. The holiday season is notoriously a dangerous time for children and abuse victims. Throughout Alabama, there are a number of risks that play into the high rate of domestic abuse. A struggling economy, unemployment, the risk of foreclosure, and the rising cost of living could put strain on any marriage, household or relationship. Experts agree that when couples are home from work and spending longer periods of time, there is an increased level of anxiety and stress that could result in violence.

Statistically, there are more domestic violence allegations and arrests during the holiday season. The spike in numbers has been attributed to the number of family events, money stress, and the amount of time that couples are spending together during this time. Statistically the majority of domestic violence allegations come from family members and acquaintances, so it is not surprising that there will be an increase in domestic violence cases around Thanksgiving or Christmas time.

Though there is no conclusive evidence that the rate of domestic violence spikes on Christmas day, there is evidence that the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas lead to an increased number of calls to local police departments. Research indicates that while domestic abuse increase by 22 percent on Thanksgiving, it also spikes at 32 percent around New Years.

While there are legitimate cases of domestic abuse, every defendant should have a clear understanding of his or her rights when facing charges. For one, there may be a number of facts that should be presented, including whether the alleged victim contributed to the violence, gains to benefit in a custody dispute, or has an ulterior motive. Every domestic abuse allegation has a unique story and set of circumstances which led up to the charges and arrest. An experienced advocate can review the case and ensure that a defendant is not over-charged or over-penalized for a crime.

The holiday season can also be very difficult for those who have emotional or substance abuse issues. In many cases, defendants can seek rehabilitation for alcohol or anger issues when possible.

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