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One of the most common offenses in the state of Alabama is disorderly conduct. In Alabama, when someone has behavior that is offensive, disruptive, harmful, or disruptive to people’s enjoyment of a public space, they can be arrested for disorderly conduct.

While disorderly conduct may not be considered to be a serious crime, there are still penalties to pay if you’re arrested for disorderly conduct.

Many instances of disorderly conduct involve the use of alcohol or drugs, but the use of alcohol or drugs does not determine whether or not someone will be arrested for disorderly conduct.

Typical disorderly conduct behavior is fighting. What usually happens is that people who have a disagreement or have been drinking too much begin arguing, tempers begin to flare and fighting breaks out. This type of behavior can put people at risk of being injured, so it is taken seriously by law enforcement.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if you’re fighting, you may be charged with assault in addition to disorderly conduct.
Lesser known disorderly conduct activities would be playing music too loud in your vehicle and disturbing people with the loud volume or having loud music at a party that disturbs your neighbors.

In the state of Alabama all of the following behaviors would be considered to be disorderly conduct:

  • Fighting or participating in tumultuous, threatening or violent behavior
  • Making an unreasonable amount of noise
  • Making obscene gestures or using abusive or obscene language in public
  • Unlawfully disturbing people meeting together in a lawful assembly
  • Obstructing traffic, including pedestrian traffic and motor vehicle traffic
  • Refusing to comply with lawful police orders to disperse when part of a group in a public place

Disorderly conduct is considered to be a very minor offense, however, there are still legal consequences to deal with if you’ve been charged with disorderly conduct. While a disorderly conduct charge can be difficult to prove in court, you’ll still need an experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer Birmingham to represent you due to vagueness of the law.

In the state of Alabama, disorderly conduct is a Class C misdemeanor. There are two possible penalties for this type of offense. These penalties might be given together or separately as part of the punishment for the offense. You might have to pay a $500 fine or you may have to spend up to three months in jail. The exact circumstances of your arrest will determine how much you will actually pay in fines and whether or not you will serve any time in jail.

If you’ve been charged with Disorderly Conduct, it’s important that you speak to an experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer Birmingham to discuss your legal options immediately.

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