Cops Accused of Vigilante Justice, Now Facing Criminal Charges

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Local, state and federal police officers are entrusted with carrying out the law and serving justice. Unfortunately, in Alabama and nationwide, it is not uncommon for police officers to be caught up in committing crimes themselves. This disrupts trust in the criminal justice system and in the ability of law enforcement officials to fulfill their duties. It also raises doubts about the credibility of officers when bringing cases to court. In a recent case, two officers were charged with assault after they followed, attacked and robbed three men at gunpoint.

From the moment you are under investigation for a crime, your rights may be at stake. The criminal justice system can be difficult, especially if you don’t know who to trust. Our Birmingham criminal defense attorneys are experienced with protecting the rights of our clients. We will review all evidence presented against you and explore all avenues of defense to minimize charges and penalties in your case. Our priority is a fair trial and a furtherance of justice in accordance with your individual rights.

According to news reports, the daughter of a police sergeant was riding her bike when she was allegedly attacked by a man who threw her to the ground and stole her backpack. The officers traced her cell phone to a residence and showed up at the location to threaten the assailants. They pointed their guns at three men on the premises and retrieved the backpack. After retrieving the stolen items, one of the officers struck the assailant in the face with his gun. Then, the officers stole marijuana, cash, and a handgun from the three men at the residence.

The officers are facing a series of charges including armed robbery, willful neglect of duty, unlawful imprisonment and failure to uphold the law. One of the officers will also face charges of larceny with a firearm, felonious assault, and ethnic intimidation. Even though the victims of this crime may have been charged with different crimes, they should not be subject to threats, abuse, and battery committed by police officers. Officers are required to follow protocol, follow state and federal laws, and not to abuse their authority.

Law enforcement officers have been involved with trafficking and drug rings, sexual offenses, and violent crimes. This is another story that sheds light on the reality that those who carry a badge are not necessarily acting under the law. Local, state, and federal officers have been known to use their authority in the community in committing additional crimes, protecting their loved ones, or in egregious abuses of power.

Though some critics have argued that the officers are being overcharged for the crime, others have argued that the “rogue officers” were simply acting out of revenge because of the crimes committed against the officer’s daughter. In these cases, it is important to hold law enforcement agents accountable and to ensure that further crimes are not committed by trusted police officers. Police misconduct may arise out of illegally obtained evidence, corruption, even additional crimes. An incidence of misconduct or brutality should be investigated to protect local citizens from the abuse of power.

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