Child Pornography Charges Could Lead to Decades in Prison for Birmingham Man

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When a person is accused of child pornography in the state of Alabama, that person is at risk of facing some very serious consequences. In a recent case detailed by an Alabama’s 13 news story, a former security guard for the Birmingham Museum of Art was indicted on such charges and is at risk of potentially serving a lengthy prison sentence.

The man received one count of receiving child pornography, as well as another count of possessing child pornography, according to the article, which noted that the offenses are reported to have occurred between May 2009 and October 2012. The man is being accused of ordering the pornographic videos and photos and having them shipped to him.

If the defendant is convicted of both charges, he could face up to 30 years in prison, since he could be facing a maximum sentence of 20 years for receiving the pornography and a maximum of 10 years for possessing it. He could also be forced to pay up to $500,000 in fines, which would consist of a $250,000 fine for each of the alleged offenses.

Under Alabama law, it is illegal to possess any “obscene matter” that visually depicts any person under the age of 17 engaging in sexual activities, nudity or sado-masochistic abuse. Possession of such material is considered a Class C felony, according to Alabama Code §13A-12-192. If three or more copies of the same materials are found in the suspect’s possession, the crime can be considered possession with intent to disseminate, which is considered a Class B felony.

Besides receiving and possessing child pornography, individuals can also receive criminal charges if they are accused of publicly displaying such content, selling it, producing it, and knowingly allowing a child to participate in it. Individuals who are accused of any of these crimes will need a capable sex crime defense attorney to help them defend themselves. We represent individuals dealing with these types of legal matters throughout Alabama.

Accusations such as these can ruin a person’s financial stability, personal life and reputation. Every person has a right to be considered innocent until proven guilty. We work with our clients to help them strategize a strong defense. Our goal is to help them protect their rights.

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