“Chicken Suit” Man Arrested in Hueytown on Assault Charges

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When someone has an outstanding warrant for his or her arrest, sometimes police will send out a warrant squad to execute the warrant and arrest defendant. Many times police will simply wait for defendant to get stopped in traffic or arrested for another crime rather than going out looking for the suspect.

According to a recent news article from Alabama Live, a man was recently arrested in Hueytown while wearing a chicken suit. Defendant was allegedly knocking on residents’ doors in an attempt to sell the homeowner tax services provided by his employer. Another salesmen who also had an outstanding warrant for drug possession charges accompanied him.

Residents considered these sales visits to be unsolicited, and were apparently upset about the perceived intrusions enough to contact local police. When police arrived in the neighborhood to tell the two men to stop soliciting homeowners, they ran their information into the warrant management database and discovered at least one felony warrant for the man in the chicken suit. He was still wearing the suit at the time of his arrest.

Police made several jokes about suspect not knowing he should keep a low profile, and warned residents about not letting people in their homes. While this situation was obviously out of the ordinary, as your Birmingham criminal defense attorney can explain, if you know you have an outstanding warrant, the best thing you can do is contact a lawyer.

Your lawyer will be able to contact the police and arrange a self-surrender when appropriate. While nobody likes the thought of turning themselves in to the police on a warrant, your attorney may be able to arrange your surrender for a time when courts are in session, and minimize any time you spend in jail. You can also make bail arrangements prior to turning yourself in in some cases.

One of the other advantages to having a lawyer representing you before you turn yourself in is you will have somebody on your side from the very beginning who will tell the police they are not allowed to question you without his being present. In many instances, this will increase the chances of having a successful outcome in a criminal case.

It is sad fact most people can recite Miranda warning by heart, yet on the other hand, most people agree to waive their right to remain silent and speak to the police. We strongly advise you not to answer any questions without first speaking with an experienced criminal defense attorney. The police are trained to lie to you and will say whatever they think you want to hear to get you to talk. Many people also do not realize that anything you say may be harmful to your criminal case even if you are truly innocent of all charges. This is especially true when a police officer tells you he or she will help you if you talk to them. He or she is lying. They are only interested in getting you to make statements, which can be used against you at trial.

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