Birmingham DUI Lawyers Wish You a Safe and Happy Fourth of July Weekend

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Our Alabama DUI defense lawyers would like to wish you and your family a safe and happy Fourth of July weekend.

There will be no shortage of fun things to do over the holiday period. If you are in Birmingham, Thunder on the Mountain is a must see. Year after year, it is hailed as one of the nation’s biggest and best fireworks displays. Whatever you choice, we urge you to stay safe on the roads.

With people spending much of their day drinking alcohol at backyard cookouts and then getting behind the wheel of a vehicle, it should come as no surprise that we typically see a lot of DUI arrests over the holiday weekend.

One way that the police are able to charge so many drivers with a DUI is through the use of sobriety checkpoints. At a sobriety checkpoint, the police will stop either every car, or one car out of every so many cars that pass through the checkpoint. In other the words, the police might stop every fifth car that passes through the checkpoint. If they do not follow their own procedures, they may need to establish independent probable cause, other than the fact that there was a checkpoint, to stop a vehicle.

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