Alleged Shooter of TV Broadcaster and Cameraman Kills Self

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In a shocking series of events, television viewers of an early morning newscast in Moneta, Virginia saw the camera drop to the ground and had a brief look at what appeared to be a gun pointed down at him. At this point the news station cut away from the remote segment. Nobody was sure exactly what happened. A few hours later, most people around the country knew what happened.

According to CNN, the footage from victim’s camera wasn’t the only footage of what happened. Within hours, two other videos were on the Internet showing a person walking up to the news crew and aiming the gun at them. This footage went viral, despite the fact that these Facebook and Twitter accounts were quickly suspended. Authorities believe the gunman set up the account.
The 24-year-old reporter was on camera interviewing a person for a routine morning story being filmed by her 27-year-old cameraman, when the alleged gunman came up to the news crew and pointed his weapon toward the reporter. The cameraman had his back to the shooter. The shooter then aimed his weapon at reporter and began firing at her. At this point, the gunman allegedly turned his weapon on the cameraman and killed him as well.

Once police were able to identify the suspect, based upon his online posting and his cellphone records and tracking info, they began to pursuit. When they located his vehicle on Interstate 66, troopers attempted to pull him over. The driver of the vehicle did not stop for police and attempted to flee the scene. At this point, the car crashed into a roadside embankment 170 miles from scene of the double murder.

When troopers arrived at the disabled vehicle, they reported finding the suspect in his vehicle, dead from what they described as a self-inflicted gunshot wound. First responders arrived at the scene and transported him to a local hospital, where he was officially pronounced dead.

The gunman was fired by the news station where he and the victims worked, but the reason for his termination was not released to the public. At this point, even though all of the facts are not yet known, our criminal defense attorneys know the threat of violence in the workplace has escalated in recent years.

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