Alabama Vehicular Homicide Charges in Auburn Student’s Death

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A Florence man has been indicted on charges that he caused an accident that killed a 17-year-old Auburn student’s death in September, the Opelika-Auburn News reports.

Vehicular homicide in Birmingham and elsewhere in Alabama is a serious charge that requires a zealous criminal defense law firm. Alabama laws state someone convicted of the charge can face up to five years in prison, as well as fines and fees, a driver’s license suspension, probation and other sanctions. That’s why having a Birmingham defense attorney committed to fighting these crimes is critical.

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The accident happened on Sept. 18 on Shug Jordan Parkway following a football game between Auburn and Clemson. According to police, the man drove into oncoming traffic and caused the vehicle the student was driving in to veer off and strike a truck head-on.

Police wouldn’t tell the newspaper what led them to this particular suspect, nor would they say whether alcohol was a factor in the accident.

Along with vehicular homicide, the man faces a charge of leaving the scene of an accident without rending aid and improper turn. The leaving the scene of an accident charge carries with it a possible penalty up to 10 years.

Alabama traffic charges can be difficult to beat. Proving you are not at fault — that, in fact, law enforcement is mistaken — requires an attorney experienced in handling a wide variety of traffic infractions.

That’s why you need a strong advocate if you face serious traffic-related charges. While you could be facing thousands of dollars in fines along with other types of penalties, these types of crimes on your record could affect your future. It could affect your ability to obtain certain types of loans and affect your ability to get a job.

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