Alabama Spring Break: Preventing DUI

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The Southeastern region of the United States is a popular destination for spring breakers. While many will head to Florida beaches, there will be just as many parties along the coast and throughout Alabama. Whether you are a resident of Alabama or passing through on your way to Florida, keep in mind that spring break is high-time for DUI arrests.

Officers throughout the state and on the interstate are prepared to stop drunk drivers throughout the area, especially where there are known party destinations, such as the Gulf and shoreline.

Spring break is viewed by many college students as a sort of rite of passage, as they take a break from their studies and head to the beach before the end of the semester. Historically, these trips are associated with heavy drinking, drinking games, binge drinking and all-night parties. While the loss of inhibitions gives students and young people the chance to let loose, it is also a dangerous combination that could result in DUI or worse, alcohol-related accidents.

Our Birmingham DUI defense attorneys are committed to protecting individuals who have been arrested and charged with DUI. We also know the best way to prevent a DUI is not get behind the wheel if you are too intoxicated. For parents and spring breakers alike, here are a few tips to prevent DUI this season:

Assign a designated driver. Whether on a long road-trip, heading to the beach, or trying to get home after a party, spring breakers should plan ahead and know who is responsible for driving. Drunk-driving often occurs when partiers don’t have a plan or assume that someone else will be able to take the wheel.

Watch out for your friends. Lying out in the sun and drinking for hours on end can leave anyone intoxicated. Many people may not realize just how drunk they have become. Encourage your friends to drink water and don’t let your friends get behind the wheel if they appear intoxicated or if you suspect they have had too much to drink.

Consider public transport. If your designated driver or transportation falls through, take public transportation. Buses or cabs are always options and price should be no object when it comes to safety and avoiding a DUI. If no other transportation options are available, consider getting a hotel or spending the night with friends.

Don’t drink and drive. Of course, this is the oldest rule in the book, but it is frequently forgotten. If you have had too much to drink, you should never get behind the wheel. Even if you are only driving a few miles, you don’t have to be far from home to get a DUI. If you are planning on having a few beers and then driving later, make sure you eat food, drink water and leave yourself plenty of time to sober up.

Don’t get caught the “morning after.” Even though you think you have slept off the alcohol, remember that you can still get pulled over and arrested in the morning. Officers are well aware of drivers who still have alcohol in their system after a long night of partying.

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