Alabama Off-Duty Officer Charged After DUI Crash

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As we have discussed in previous posts, no one is immune from DUI arrest. Young people, professionals, doctors, lawyers, athletes, celebrities, and even law enforcement officers will find themselves under arrest for DUI. For those who have been arrested, there is no reason to feel ashamed, but you should take action to protect your rights as soon as possible. Remember that a DUI could impact your personal and professional life, as well as leave you with a criminal record.


According to recent reports, a Tuscaloosa County deputy was arrested after an accident that sent a truck driver to the hospital and totaled both vehicles. Initial investigations indicate that an off-duty officer was suspected of DUI and charged. Our Birmingham DUI defense attorneys are experienced with DUI charges involving faulty breathalyzer tests, field sobriety tests, car accidents, and other aggravating circumstances, including an injury or fatality caused by a suspected drunk driver.

In this case, an off-duty Tuscaloosa County deputy was arrested after an accident on I-59 South. Accident reports indicate that the collision overturned a truck and totaled both vehicles. The truck driver was hospitalized. The Alabama Department of Public Safety is continuing to investigate the accident to determine the cause and identify individuals at fault, including the deputy officer.

Initial suggestions indicate that the 25-year-old off-duty officer was under the influence of alcohol and drove the wrong way up an exit ramp. In the event of an accident or if an officer suspects drunk driving, all evidence will be used against the alleged drunk driver. Prosecutors may use witness statements, accident reports, breathalyzer tests, field sobriety tests and other evidence in court. Remember that if you are accused of drunk driving, law enforcement officers will be collecting evidence to be used against you even before your arrest.

In this case, the defendant officer will be facing charges based on witness statements that he drove the wrong way up the exit ramp and was traveling north in a southbound lane. Witnesses indicated that the officer was almost immediately struck by a tractor trailer. Due to the speed and severity of the collision, both drivers lost control of their vehicles. The off-duty officer spun out, skidded and rolled over.

In alleged drunk driving cases, individuals who are involved in accidents or who cause bodily injury can face even more severe charges and penalties. The 44-year-old driver of the tractor-trailer was taken to the DHC Regional Medical Center with incapacitating injuries. However, he has since been released. The off-duty officer was reportedly unhurt, but arrested and taken to jail where he was charged with driving under the influence.

Individuals who are arrested and charged with drunk-driving carry a burden of proving their innocence. When up against aggressive law enforcement officers and prosecutors, it is important to consult with an experienced advocate who can challenge any illegally obtained evidence and protect your rights. A DUI conviction can carry serious penalties, including fines, jail time, and a damaging criminal record. For police officers and other professionals, a conviction can have an impact on your license and career.

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