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Any DUI offender faces the potential of criminal charges, and penalties including fines, jail time, and a criminal record. The stakes are even higher for an inmate who busts out of jail on a joyride and then gets caught driving under the influence. After four years on probation, a violation landed an Alabama offender back in the Madison County Detention Facility. While serving out his 90-day-sentence, the offender was given a low security classification, allowing him to work as a class four inmate. This gave the inmate ample opportunities to leave the premises.

According to reports, the inmate was working unsupervised in a fleet shop, remaining available during the evening hours to provide a vehicle to a deputy or fix a broken vehicle. The inmate was also responsible for some maintenance of on-site vehicles, including fixing a tire or performing repairs. County Sheriff’s Office authorities reported that there are over 1,000 inmates in the county who are in the trustee program. Supporters of the program say that there are a number of benefits and incentives, providing work and freedom for inmates, while also saving the county money. Inmates are not paid for the work, but they are provided extra food and tips for washing the vehicles. This also gives inmates the ability to buy additional personal items, including cigarettes, beverages, or snacks.

According to reports, the inmate allegedly took a spare set of keys and went driving in one of the county vehicles. He then bought liquor and “became intoxicated” when a Huntsville police officer pulled him over. Records indicated that the inmate had only one week left to serve before he would have been released. New charges indicate that celebrating early was a big mistake. Now the inmate faces additional charges including DUI, eluding an officer, escape from prison, and 15 additional charges. Police say that conviction on any or all of these charges could result in serious time behind bars.

In the event of a DUI arrest and charge, it is important to have the facts and circumstances of your case reviewed by an experienced attorney. Our Birmingham DUI attorneys are experienced with providing sound counsel and support to individuals who have been arrested and charged. We will review all evidence, including police reports, witness statements, blood alcohol evidence, and other supporting documentation to find weakness in the prosecution’s case. We will work to defeat or reduce criminal charges and ensure that you are not over-penalized in the event of a conviction.

In Alabama and nationwide, there are some individuals who could face even more severe charges and penalties when pulled over. If you have been convicted of a DUI in the past, you are driving on a suspended license, driving with a minor, or are involved in an accident, the charges and penalties you face will be more severe. All of these aggravated circumstances will ramp up the criminal charges and potential penalties. While any individual arrested and charged with DUI should consult with an experienced advocate, those involved with more severe offenses are especially in need of counsel.

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