Aggressive Prosecution of Cyber-Crimes in Alabama

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Computer crimes and prosecutions are on the rise and nationwide, prosecutors are gearing up to take aggressive action against alleged offenders. Cyber-crimes including identity theft, fraud, theft, pornography, and crimes against children carry harsh charges and penalties. New evidence suggests that law enforcement units are working even more aggressively to investigate and prosecute these crimes. Reports also indicate that additional funding is needed to support this nationwide effort and strategy.

When faced with an allegation of a cyber-crime, your criminal defense is critical. An experienced attorney can investigate the charges against you, review the facts, and challenge the prosecution’s case. In many instances, the role of a defense attorney is to ensure that you are not over-charged or penalized, even if you broke the law. Our Birmingham defense attorneys are experienced handling complex cases and aggressively defend our clients in court. We are experienced with the tactics of aggressive prosecutors and will pursue every defense strategy on your behalf.

After a prostitution bust in Birmingham, two defendants are facing charges and are being held at the Tuscaloosa County Jail. Police are focusing their investigation efforts on escorts hired from a website called “” According to reports, individuals who may have used this website have committed a crime. Like many law enforcement agencies nationwide, the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office has designated a special unit for Internet crimes. The agency is prosecuting around 40 cases per month and only expects this number to rise.

Online escort services are only one example of cyber-crimes that happen commonly in rural and urban areas in Alabama and nationwide. Internet crimes may involve child pornography distribution or using the Internet to trade illegal materials. In any case, the Internet is a likely forum for such activities because it seems anonymous.

Cyber-crimes can be complicated for law enforcement agencies because it can be difficult to identify a user or trace an IP address. Skilled offenders may also be skilled in blocking efforts by law enforcement officers. This also creates the potential for false allegations and erroneous prosecutions. A computer user could be accused of a crime or unknowingly participate in a crime and face serious charges and penalties.

There are a number of dating websites that are used by predators and law enforcement officials assert that these “cyber crimes are growing.” The aggressive nature of prosecution only means that users should be more aware of the potential for illegal activity online. Even a user who is told that they are chatting with a 30-year-old could be online with a minor.

Given the difficult nature of investigating and prosecuting illegal cyber-activity, law enforcement agencies are pumping more money into investigating these crimes. In the event that you are arrested or charged with a cyber-crime, consult with an experienced attorney as soon as possible. Do not make statements to the police without an attorney present and have a clear understanding of your rights and obligations throughout the process. Common cyber-crime investigations and arrests may involve identity theft, solicitation, trafficking child pornography or fraud.

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