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Defendants who are arrested and charged with DUI often face long-term consequences. In addition to the obvious-a night in jail, loss of license, criminal charges, penalties, and fines-drivers may also face very serious personal consequences. DUI can impact your professional life, reputation, family, and can even have legal consequences involving child custody. In a recent NPR report, the author of memoir, Drunk Mom, discusses the dangers of alcoholism and motherhood. The interview sheds light on the myriad ways that alcoholism, and drinking and driving, can impact the life of a parent.

Individuals who are arrested and charged with DUI often have an addiction or a problem with abusing alcohol. Remember that there are ways to get help to deal with addiction while you are also going through the criminal justice system. Our Birmingham drunk driving defense lawyers understands the complicated nature of addiction and will work with defendants to get the help they need. When possible, we will explore alternative sentencing programs to help defendants with addiction seek medical help and find the road to recovery.

Alcoholism can lead addicts down a number of dangerous paths and additional legal consequences and penalties. In addition to DUI, those who are accused of drunk driving could also see the results of their criminal case impact a divorce or custody case. In the event that one parent has had a DUI in a custody case, a judge could weigh that evidence to determine visitation or even legal custody of a child. While individuals who are entering divorce should consult with a family law attorney, a criminal defense attorney up front can help to prevent the underlying DUI charge. In any event, remember that a DUI conviction will most certainly impact your custody case.

Depending on when a DUI has taken place, the results will vary. For example, if one parent had a DUI over 10 years ago without any later offenses, it should not have a significant impact. A recent DUI case, especially a DUI during pending divorce, could seriously impact the results of a custody case, especially if the parent had multiple offenses. In the event that one parent has had a recent DUI, the other parent may seek sole custody. If this is granted, it can severely limit the rights of the parent with a DUI conviction.

If you have recently been arrested and charged with DUI and are facing divorce or if you are having issues with addiction, remember that there is help available. A criminal defense attorney should be your first course of action so that you have a better understanding of your rights and the legal process. If you suffer from addiction, you should also consider treatment or rehabilitation which can help you get a reduced sentence, in some cases. If you are facing divorce or your spouse has threatened to leave the marriage, you will also want to consult with a family or divorce attorney to protect you rights in a custody case.

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