25-Year-Old Gets Two-Year Prison Sentence for DUI

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Getting behind the wheel after a couple of drinks is not against the law, so long as you are not impaired. However, as anyone who has been stopped and arrested for intoxicated driving knows, the consequences can be severe and lasting.

In a recent Alabama case, a 29-year-old was arrested and charged with DUI and is now preparing to serve a two-year prison sentence after causing a crash-related death. If you think that a DUI is a minor charge that is easily overcome -think again. Without an experienced attorney, you are likely to loss your license, incur huge fines and possibly lose your freedom due to an extended jail sentence.

Any DUI charge and conviction will carry penalties. These will likely increase in “aggravated” DUI cases where the incident involves an accident, injury or other circumstances carrying more severe penalties.

In this case, defendant was involved in a fatal collision that killed a 25-year-old woman. According to reports, the Montgomery defendant confessed to drinking and driving and crashing his vehicle. He plead guilty to murder and first-degree assault in September, and will now spend the next two years in prison.

Two years is a long time. But of course, the family of the victim believes it was not enough, and justice was not served in this case.

According to court records, the victim and her boyfriend were standing next to her parked car in Montgomery in October 2013 when the defendant crashed his SUV into both of them. The woman suffered fatal injuries and was pronounced dead at the scene. Her boyfriend suffered serious injuries. Defendant admitted to drinking approximately a dozen beers before he decided to get behind the wheel. The crash occurred outside of the boyfriend’s family home while the two said goodnight, according to an interview with the victim’s mother.

This is a tragic case for everyone involved. For those who are involved in fatal drunk driving accidents, it’s imperative to seek experienced legal counsel.

Our Birmingham aggravated drunk driving defense attorneysare committed to protecting the rights of our clients and in raising awareness to prevent future accidents and injuries. In addition to providing strategic counsel and defense to those accused and charged with drunk driving, we can also help individuals seek appropriate resources, including addiction counseling.

In the event you are pulled over and arrested for drunk driving, it is important to consult with an attorney. It’s best to never admit your intoxication to police. Still, police have other means of establishing your lack of fitness to drive, including blood tests, sobriety tests and witness statements. You need an independent source working on your behalf.

Law enforcement officials have significant resources dedicated to collecting evidence and building a case against you. An experienced drunk driving offense attorney can help to level the playing field and ensure you are not overcharged for your offenses. Your penalties could be even more severe if you have previous drunk driving charges or if your case involved an accident or fatality.

Drunk driving accidents undoubtedly have the potential to cause severe and lasting harm. Still, every defendant deserves a fair trial and should not be over-penalized for the crime. Hiring an experienced advocate for any drunk driving defense is necessary to achieve justice in any case.

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