15 Arrested on 66 Charges in Undercover Drug Operations

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After two months of an undercover drug operation, the Mobile Police Department and specialists working with the department were able to arrest 15 people allegedly involved in a drug operation that has been selling a large amount of different narcotics. The Mobile Police Department teamed up with the Mobile County Street Enforcement Narcotics Team for this operation.

They were able to arrest people who are dealing drugs on the streets, which the police department says will eventually reduce violent crime because many of the violent crimes in Alabama are in connection to drug dealings and use. According to reports, officers were able to gather about 5.5 pounds of marijuana, 1.3 pounds of synthetic marijuana, and 103 grams of powder cocaine in the sting. They also found four grams of crack cocaine and 27 illegal prescription pills.

The police were also able to seize one vehicle, $6,000 in cash and a firearm. The officials estimate that in total all of the items seized are worth about $60,000. The Mobile Police Department Chief says that the fifteen individuals that were arrested in connection with the drug ring are all career criminals. One of them has been booked in the Mobile County jail at least 54 other times in the past.

The Mobile police are currently working on Operation Integrated Municipal Police Anti-Crime Team also known as Operation IMPACT. So far, this operation has led to more than 2,500 arrests and 965 felony charges. There have also been about 3,600 misdemeanor charges that have resulted from arrests as a result of Operation IMPACT.

While it is excellent that the police are getting criminals off the street, they may make a mistake in their efforts to arrest as many individuals as possible. If you have been falsely accused of a drug crime, then you need an attorney to assist you and defend you.

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