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Birmingham, Alabama, also known as the Magic City, is the largest city in the state and is one of the largest cities in the southeastern United States. Home to almost a quarter million Alabamians, Birmingham began its rapid growth as an industrial center and was known for its steel and ironworks. Now, the city is most well known for its status as a medical research and treatment hub for the entire nation. Birmingham also has a thriving banking industry, and is home to multiple colleges and universities including the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham-Southern, and Samford University. The city also has the Birmingham Zoo, which is a regional attraction, and the Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex, which holds many trade shows and events – including playing host to NCAA men's basketball tournament games on multiple occasions.

In Alabama, an assault qualifies as domestic violence when the victim is a current or former spouse, parent, child, any person with whom the defendant has a child in common, a present or former household member, or a person who has or had a dating or engagement relationship with the defendant. Charges of domestic violence are quite serious, and if arrested for domestic violence, you may be held for up to twelve hours in jail. Once an act of domestic violence has transpired, the court may also issue a protective restraining order and/or other relief, so obtaining legal counsel immediately is extremely important.

Unfortunately, family problems and disagreements are a part of life, and when problems in the home occur, it is wise to seek out a licensed Birmingham domestic violence attorney at the earliest opportunity. Accusations of domestic violence are unpleasant and traumatic for all of the involved parties, and obtaining guidance from an attorney gives you the best chance to mount an effective legal defense. If you have been charged with domestic violence, you should not speak with the authorities unless you have consulted with an attorney. Misunderstandings regarding such events are not uncommon, and it is easy to make statements that could damage your legal case. A knowledgeable attorney can evaluate what happened, prepare your defense, and effectively communicate with the prosecution and the court when the time comes.

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