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Facing criminal charges, no matter how insignificant they may seem, is not the time to undertake a challenge by yourself. A Birmingham criminal lawyer is your best defense to ensuring your rights are protected during a criminal trial and the legal processes involved in facing Alabama criminal charges. In addition to having someone by your side during an incredibly stressful period, there are other important benefits to hiring a Birmingham criminal lawyer. Some of those benefits are discussed below.

Legal Knowledge

A Birmingham criminal defense attorney can provide a deeper understanding of the legal system than you may otherwise have. Birmingham criminal lawyers spend their time working with the Alabama criminal justice system, and understand the many nuances of Alabama criminal law. Criminal defense attorneys also understand rules of evidence, including rules governing witnesses, more than people and attorneys with less exposure to those things. This allows Birmingham criminal lawyers to focus on the legal process to ensure that a client's rights are protected and respected at trial and in other aspects of the Alabama criminal justice process.


A Birmingham criminal attorney understands the need for a strong criminal defense strategy when working with clients that are facing Alabama criminal charges. They are able to focus their time and energy on tailoring a defense strategy that works in the client's best interests. Each Alabama criminal defense is unique to the defendant, and a Birmingham criminal defense attorney has the ability to ensure that the most appropriate defense strategy is used and employs every option available to Alabama criminal defendants.


A Birmingham criminal attorney has experience working within the Alabama criminal justice system, and has been able to build relationships within that system along the way. By anticipating the needs of a specific charge in the Alabama criminal justice system and balancing that with the unique needs of a client, a Birmingham criminal defense attorney is able to leverage relationships with court personnel and experience with judicial policies and procedures to tailor a defense to the court in which a criminal defendant is facing trial. It is extremely helpful to a criminal defendant when a Birmingham criminal lawyer understands how a court will react to certain aspects of a defense because that criminal defense attorney has experienced such things firsthand in the past. This can help save a Birmingham criminal defendant a great deal of time and energy during the Alabama criminal legal process. Ultimately, a Birmingham criminal defense attorney can help save Alabama criminal defendants money by streamlining the criminal defense process and potentially avoiding fines associated with criminal convictions.

Selecting a Birmingham Criminal Defense Attorney

If you are facing Alabama criminal charges, it is important to select a Birmingham criminal attorney with proven results. The sooner you contact a criminal defense attorney, the better your chances are to ensure that your rights are protected and that you are provided with the best defense possible in your circumstances. Contact a Birmingham criminal defense attorney at Eversole Law to schedule a consultation and find out more information about the Alabama criminal charges and potential defense available to you.

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