Attempted Murder

Attempted murder charges can arise in a variety of situations including fights that got too out of control. When individuals in Alabama who face attempted murder charges can potentially face a variety of punishments including extended prison sentences. Given the seriousness of the matter, it is crucial that individuals in the state of Alabama who face murder charges consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney. There are also some essential pieces of information that individuals must know about attempted murder charges in the state of Alabama.

The Intent To Kill Requirement

To be convicted of attempted murder charges in the state of Alabama, it must be demonstrated that an individual had the “intent to kill” another human being. In many situations, intent to kill can be particularly difficult to prove. While threatening someone with a deadly weapon can result in criminal charges, brandishing a deadly weapon alone is often not sufficient to demonstrate that an individual possessed the intent to kill. An experienced attorney is able to help a client defend against accusations of intent to kill. Opposing parties will attempt to demonstrate that an individual had the intent to kill in several ways including whether the individual made any plans regarding a murder, how easily an individual's actions could have resulted the death of someone, and the deadliness of the weapon that was used.

An Overt Act Is Required

In order for an attempted murder charge to be made, it also must be demonstrated that an individual made an “overt” or outward act towards carrying out the murder. Merely planning a crime is not enough to satisfy the overt act requirement. Instead, opposing legal counsel must demonstrate that an individual took physical steps in planning the death of another. While many individuals are able to successfully defend against attempted murder charges by demonstrating that no physical actions were taken, it must be realized that opposing attorneys will try to argue that any action involved with the attempted murder charge satisfies this requirement.

Available Defenses To Attempted Murder

There are fortunately some defenses that can be raised in response to attempted murder charges. Experienced legal counsel will be able to fully investigate a case in order to explore potential defenses that can be raised in response to a charge of attempted murder. In order to make sure that an attempted murder charge can be strongly defended, however, frequently depends upon an individual retaining the services of a skilled criminal defense lawyer. One of the strongest available defenses is if an individual is able to demonstrate a withdrawal of change of mind of the actions. It should be noted that this type of last minute decisions must be at an individual's own decision and not because circumstances thwarted an individual's plans.

Public defenders are often an option when individuals face attempted murder charges, but public defenders are often too overworked to serve as effective legal counsel. Most often, a much wiser decision is selecting an experienced criminal defense lawyer. If you or a loved one faces attempted murder charges in the state of Alabama, do not hesitate to contact the Eversole Law Offices as soon as possible for a free evaluation of your case.

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