Assault And Battery

Assault and battery are two separate but similar charges in the state of Alabama. The resulting penalties from each of these charges depends substantially on the extent of the assault or battery. There are many reports of assault, however, each year in the United States. Reports suggest that there are 420 assault per 100,000 citizens of the United States. When individuals face punishments resulting from these charges, it is essential to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney who will know how to construct strong arguments in opposition to assault and battery charges. In addition to obtaining the services of seasoned legal counsel, it is also vital that individuals also understand some basic elements about assault and battery charges in the state of Alabama.

The Difference Between Assault And Battery

Most often, assault charges arise from a threat to harm an individual without physical contact or violence against the victim actually occurring. Battery, however, is a more substantial charge that result from the intentional use of force in order to harm another individual. Battery charges are based upon the level of harm inflicted upon an individual and grouped into three different categories: simple, aggravated, and felony. Because battery charges involve physical harm to an individual, battery charges frequently result in more substantial punishment than an assault charges. Given the often complicated nature of both charges, it is essential that an individual who is faced with either assault or battery charges retain the services of experienced legal counsel.

Available Defenses To Assault and Battery Charges

Fortunately, when an individual is faced with assault and battery charges in Alabama, there are several types of available defenses. One of the types of available defenses for individuals who face assault and battery charges is that an individual was self defense or defending others. A second type of available defense is that another individual consented or agreed to offensive conduct. In these types of situations, the injuries suffered must not be serious and the injuries must have been reasonably foreseeable. A third available defense is disputing the elements of an assault or battery charge. Dependent upon how well an individual is able to argue one of these three defenses, an individual's chances of being to successfully defend against an assault or battery charge increases substantially.

Consequences of Assault and Battery Charges

Individuals who are charged with assault or battery can be sentenced to either misdemeanors or felonies. In many situations, individuals can face jail time, fines, or probation. Penalties are likely to be more severe if an individual has a criminal history. Given the serious nature of many assault and battery charges, it is essential that an individual consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney.

How An Alabama Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help

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