Advice If Questioned By A Police Officer

Advice If Questioned By A Police Officer In Connection With A Crime In Birmingham

When individuals are interrogated by Birmingham law enforcement in connection with a crime, the situation can quickly turning frightening. Individuals are often unsure of how to respond to questions that are asked by the police and in turn this uncertainty can prevent individuals from being able to respond to the situation calmly. One of the best pieces of advice that individuals should follow when questioned in connection with an arrest is to obtain the services of a talented Birmingham criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. There are also some other pieces of advice that individuals should remember when questioned by the police in Birmingham in connection with a crime.

There Is No Clear Distinction Between Suspects And Witnesses

When law enforcement questions individuals about a crime that occurred, there is often no readily apparent way to determine whether law enforcement is treating an individual as a suspect or a witness. There are also interrogations where someone who was originally treated as a witness begins to be viewed as a suspect by law enforcement. Because it is frequently difficult to determine whether law enforcement views an individual as a suspect or a witness, it essential for all individuals who are questioned by police in question with a crime to take similar cautionary measures.

Individuals Must Remain Calm

Studies report that a substantial number of convictions are obtained through law enforcement obtaining false confessions. By remaining calm during an interrogation, individuals can make sure that they do not end up acting in an irrational or upset way that could subsequently result in the police bringing additional charges against the individual. If an individual feels particularly uncomfortable with answering questions, the individual can likely ask an attorney to speak with law enforcement to discover what will issues will be raised during the interrogation so that the individual can prepare answers to any questions that might be asked.

Individuals Should Assert The Right To Remain Silent

The Fifth Amendment of the United States Constitution grants individuals the right against self-incrimination. Individuals should avoid answering questions unless the content of these question are first specifically addressed with a knowledgeable attorney. If unprepared when presented with questions, individuals should simply state that they decline to provide a statement or answers questions without apology, explanation, or elaboration. If law enforcement continues to question onwards or tries to evoke responses from the individual, in many situations the individual will later be able to claim that Constitutional rights were violated.

Individuals Should Ask To Leave

Individuals should determine whether an arrest has occurred or if the police allow the individual to leave. Officers who lack an adequate amount of evidence cannot prevent an individual from leaving the interrogation. Law enforcement also must be truthful when an individual asks whether or not it is possible to leave. If individuals are allowed to leave the scene of the crime then it is highly recommended that the individuals do so.

Obtain The Services Of A Skilled Criminal Defense Attorney

Contacting a skilled Birmingham criminal defense attorney is essential when an individual is questioned by the police in connection with a crime because the laws concerning police interrogations are complicated and the stakes are often high.

To make sure that an arrest does not result in any type of negative consequences, individuals are highly advised to retain the services of a knowledgeable and skilled Birmingham criminal defense attorney at Eversole Law LLC who has helped many clients in similar situations and knows how to resolve the situation in the possible manner.

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