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As an Alabama criminal defense lawyer and attorney I have devoted my life to defending those accused of crimes.  I routinely represent clients in Birmingham and throughout the state of Alabama in Alabama DUI charges, Alabama Theft Charges, Alabama Drug Charges and crimes, Alabama and Federal Criminal Appeals, Sex Crimes including rape and sexual assault, as well as Alabama traffic and speeding tickets. 

I will defend your Constitutional Rights no matter the charge and no matter the circumstances.  Just because someone has been accused of an Alabama DUI or Drug Crime does not mean they are guilty.  Criminal charges are often obtained against innocent people or people who the state cannot convict.  You will increase your likelihood of a successful resolution to your situation by immediately contacting an attorney or lawyer who focuses his practice on Alabama criminal and DUI defense.  The very nature of a criminal conviction means that all criminal charges are serious charges and deserve serious attention.  Even a single DUI conviction for example can land you in jail, promises significant fines in the thousands, loss of drivers license, you could possibly lose your job, your security clearance at work, or maybe not even get a job because of the background checks that many companies are performing these days.  Your car insurance will surely sky rocket and you could lose your neighbors respect.  Likewise, just one conviction for possession of a controlled substance requires a minimum one year jail sentence. 

The state and the Alabama prosecutors must present evidence in court that would allow a jury of your peers to find you guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.  My job as an Alabama criminal defense lawyer and attorney is to make sure the jury has that kind of doubt.  Beyond a reasonable doubt is a high standard to leap and a good Alabama DUI and criminal defense attorney can accomplish wonders.  In fact, in many instances, especially in DUI and Drug charges, it is possible to have these cases dismissed or reduced prior to any trial.  If you have been charged with a crime in Alabama, and you cannot afford to lose, call the Alabama criminal defense lawyers and attorneys at Eversole Law today.  My contact information listed on this site rings my personal cell phone directly.  I will answer your call and handle your case from beginning to end. 

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