Alabama Drug Charges & Drug Court

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Many counties and municipalities in Alabama offer drug offenders some type of deferred prosecution or drug court for drug possession and use charges.  Drug court is a tedious process that usually involves anywhere from six to nine months with constant court supervision.  An Alabama drug court will require frequent and random drug testing.  Any failure in regards to testing is normally harshly penalized.  If you are not sure you can stay off drugs and alcohol during the entire length of the program, drug court may not be for you.  Failing to take a drug test when required, failing an administered drug test, or receiving additional charges can lead to more jail time and fines.  It may also have you thrown out of drug court and your charges being brought again in an unhappy and unfriendly criminal court.  Drug court is advisable in many cases because upon completion of the program your charges are dismissed and your permanent record will not be jeopardized.  An Alabama drug court can also be a very expensive proposition.  Fines range in the thousands. 

Needless to say, anyone charged with a drug crime in Alabama needs an experienced Alabama criminal defense and drug charge lawyer and attorney.  An experienced Alabama drug possession or possession of controlled substance lawyer can navigate the tricky waters of Alabama drug court proceedings.  An experienced Alabama drug lawyer and attorney will be able to make sure you are a good candidate for drug court and make sure you have no other means to challenge your Alabama drug charge.  No one should automatically enter an Alabama drug court or other deferred prosecution program without first consulting an experienced Alabama criminal defense lawyer and attorney.  Drug courts are often available for those charges with possession of marijuana or unlawful possession of controlled substances, even if it is not your first offense.  However, there may be ways to challenge the search and seizure of the drugs or have the case dismissed because of some other police misconduct.  The moral of the story is simple, do not blindly plead guilty to an Alabama drug charge of any kind.  Prosecutors are not your friend and they want a quick and easy resolution.  Do not give it to them.  Make them prove you are guilty in a court of law, or at least, make sure your attorney thinks that it is in your best interest to enter an Alabama deferred prosecution program or similar drug court after viewing all the evidence and circumstances of your charge.  It is quite possible to have Alabama drug charges dismissed without a trial and without pleading guilty. 

Call the Alabama criminal defense and drug charge attorneys and lawyers of Eversole Law today.  We make sure the police have a solid case before we advise a drug court type plea deal.  I am an aggressive Alabama criminal defense attorney and I an not afraid of a trial.  Unfortunately, there are way too many Alabama lawyers who are afraid of trial.  A criminal defense attorney afraid of trial is like a hammer without a nail, does little good and is often only successful in smashing things. 

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