Alabama Man Having Seizure Tasered & Accused of DUI

Posted by Steve Eversole | Nov 13, 2007 | 0 Comments

An Ozark, Alabama man was tasered and accused of a DUI while having a seizure.  Police in Ozark, Alabama used a taser on a sober man having a seizure behind the wheel of his parked car last week.  Police fired their tasers at the man three times.  Now, the police say the man smelled of alcohol and have charged him with a DUI even though his blood work has shown no signs of alcohol.  I see this kind of police misconduct and abuse of power every day.  Is it any wonder the people have lost faith in these people.  I do not believe a word a police officer utters out of his mouth.  Every time someone is arrested for drunk driving in Alabama, I hear the same refrain: "he smelled of alcohol, his eyes were bloodshot, he appeared disheveled, blah…blah..blah…"  These cops must have bloodhound noses.  Isn't it quite convenient that every time someone is arrested for a DUI the police give the exact same reasons for arrest? Does anyone really believe that the Alabama DUI charge is anything but an attempt to deflect blame for tasering a man in a medical emergency three times?  And can someone please tell me the law the man broke in the first place?  Did these cops feel endangered by a man having a seizure?  If it wasn't so maddening it would be funny.  I hope this municipality gets its ass sued off.  These officers should be immediately fired and charged with battery.  Anyone want to bet these SOB's get charged or disciplined?  I bet not.  The law is different for those with power and for those without.  This is just one more reason why anyone accused of an Alabama DUI or any Alabama crime needs an experienced Alabama DUI & Criminal Defense Attorney. 

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