Huntsville, Alabama DUI Law: Misinformed Editorial

Posted by Steve Eversole | Oct 03, 2007 | 0 Comments

The Huntsville Times ran an editorial today about changing Alabama DUI Laws.  Typically, members of the media show their ignorance, poor research and reporting skills.  The Huntsville Times editorial exclaims, without citing a single statistic, that those accused with DUI's are the most dangerous drivers in Alabama.  Apparently, the Huntsville Alabama Times are unaware of recent statistics that clearly demonstrate "driving while distracted," i.e. eating, talking on the cell phone, etc.,  is as bad or worse, than driving under the influence of alcohol.   The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found in a 2006 study that almost 80 percent of car accidents resulted from some type of distraction.  Of course, those concerned with "driving while distracted" are not as powerful as the MADD Mothers Against Drunk Drivers.  If it wasn't so sad, it would be funny to witness how effective the MADD Mothers have been in creating a misinformed group culture.   Even media outlets like the Huntsville Alabama Times have fallen prey to this kind of uninformed group think.  How hard would it be for the editorial writer at the Huntsville Times to check his facts before making  blanket statements about the dangers of driving under the influence in Alabama. 

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