Does the Alabama Highway Patrol Have DUI Arrest Quotas?

Posted by Steve Eversole | Oct 09, 2007 | 0 Comments

Lawrence Taylor, one of the best DUI attorneys in the world, shines a bright light on questionable police tactics in his DUI blog. Mr. Taylor documents an Inside Edition segment that documents law enforcement DUI quotas across the country.  Law enforcement agencies across the country are afraid of losing highway dollars from the federal government, and are pressured to make DUI arrests as a result.   Mr. Taylor documents several instances from the Inside Edition story where innocent people were taken to jail after submitting to roadside field sobriety tests.  These individuals had nothing to drink and the charges were later dropped.  It is logical to assume Alabama is as concerned about its federal highway money as other states, and its also logical to assume Alabama's law enforcement agencies also have DUI quotas. 

After reading Mr. Taylor's blog, the moral of the story is clear:  DUI laws and DUI enforcement across the country are insane and unconstitutional, and if you are pulled over anywhere, especially in the State of Alabama and are suspected of a DUI, do not take any test administered by an Alabama police officer or an agent for the police, even if  you haven't had anything to drink.  If you are charged with a DUI in Alabama you should immediately contact an Alabama DUI lawyer and attorney that focuses his practice on Alabama DUI defense.

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