Prosecutors File Charges Against O.J. Simpson

Posted by Steve Eversole | Sep 17, 2007 | 0 Comments

Prosecutors filed formal charges against O.J. Simpson today.  O.J. faces ten felony charges including kidnapping and armed robbery.  The juice faces life imprisonment if convicted in the robbery.  He is accused of trying to steal sports memorabilia at the Palace Station casino.  O.J. is going to need a really, really good criminal defense attorney at this point.  His alleged cohorts are already coping pleas and ratting to save their own skin.  It is a shame that when a celebrity criminal defendant is involved, the district attorney is more concerned about nabbing the "big fish," and getting into the papers than justice.  This is the same scenario we saw with the Michael Vick escapade.  The other participants, who may have actually been more heavily involved in the crime, get a light sentence in exchange for testifying against the celebrity.  And how reliable is this testimony anyway? These are confessed criminals who are now trying to save their own skin, wouldn't they say or do anything to get off easier?  I certainly think so.  I think it is an injustice that this kind of accomplice testimony is allowed in court proceedings.  This type of testimony has to be more unreliable than say, hearsay for example.  Also, as an aside, how can a self-respecting criminal defense attorney represent a rat?

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