Alabama Woman On Horseback Charged With A DUI

Posted by Steve Eversole | Sep 14, 2007 | 0 Comments

An Alabama women was charged with a DUI for, "riding under the influence."  This story is a couple months old, but helps make my point.  The crazy, "MADD" mothers against drunk driving have caused Alabama to go insane.  Alabama code 32-5A-191 specifically requires that in order to be guilty of driving under the influence, you must be driving or under the physical control, "of a motor vehicle."  Does anyone think this horse has wheels or an engine? How in the world can the language of the Alabama Statute be interpreted any other way than to require some kind of motorized vehicle?  According to Websters, the definition of motor vehicle is as follows:

 motor vehicle
Function: noun
: an automotive vehicle not operated on rails; especially : one with rubber tires for use on highways

This is just another crazy example of police powers run amok and MADD mothers running our legislature and courts.  I guess the horse had rubber horseshoes.  What's next, no bull-riding while intoxicated?  What fun would that be. 

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